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Subject: RE: NTX/CTX data
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 09:17:04 +0100
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Dear Ian
Thanks a lot. We have all the samples and are ready to go. Aubrey says we
will have the urinary NTX ready by the end of July. The PINP may take a
little longer because we may have problems with fibrin clots, as these are
being measured is serum. The NTX is the primary endpoint, anyway.

There is another issue I wanted to raise with you. I was discussing our work
with a US investigator (who will remain anonymous) who was really surprised
when I told him that all the analyses for the IOF presentation were done by
P&G employees. I told him that I had worked with you and Simon extensively
on the risedronate database and that I thought you adhered to the highest
principles. However, I think that to avoid criticism in the future it would
be good if we could say that we had done the analyses independently. I
couldn't possible do these, but I think that Aubrey Blumsohn could, if he
was shown how to use the method of Li et al. Could I suggest that Aubrey
works with you to see how you did the analysis for the VERT trial and then
when we have the HIP data we could have the analyses run by you and by
Aubrey so that we can say that we got the same result with independent
analyses? The person who raised this is the sort of person who is likely to
come to the microphone at meetings and ask lots of questions, so I would
like to be prepared!

Best wishes,

Professor Richard Eastell, MD, FRCP (UK, Edinburgh, Ireland), FRCPath,FMedSci
Research Dean for the School of Medicine and Biomedical Science
Director of the Division of Clinical Sciences (North)
University of Sheffield Clinical Sciences Centre
Northern General Hospital
Herries Road
Sheffield South Yorkshire S5 7AU

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Subject: NTX/CTX data

Hi Richard

I've just come out of a Publication team meeting. A couple of short
questions for you!

1. When do you anticipate that you will start analysing the urine samples
from the HIP trial, and also when do you anticipate them to be available for me
to start the statistical analyses? As you will appreciate, we really want to
get a publication out ASAP!!

2. Can you please send me the NTX data from the 5-year RVE trial? We've
received comments back from a reviewer saying that they would like us to
summarise bone resorption data from this cohort.

Thanks so much,

1) Subject Access Data Request 27/11/2004 (Data Protection Act 1998) Sheffield University 2) A Blumsohn Email Archive 20/12/2003

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From: "Richard Eastell" <>
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Subject: RE: NTX/CTX data
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 09:17:04 +0100
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