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MP3 File: Audio Richard Meeting with AB
Transcript Conversation Eastell and Blumsohn 10 September 2003
Eastell: OK, the next think to talk about is the Procter and Gamble studies. The relationship between change in markers and fracture risk that we talked about yesterday with Ian. What was your reflection on the meeting?

Blumsohn: I think that had to happen, because that is much better for it to happen now than for us to put a poster in which said things that in my opinion were blatantly wrong... and then have to deal with it when it came time to write a paper... and if you had things in posters which would shoot subsequent papers in the foot, we would have made writing of any of it up ever completely impossible. So several things we were saying were completely wrong, and they are not going to be in the poster, and that's fine.

Eastell: So you are comfortable with the poster?

Blumsohn: So far as the plenary poster if we go through all the things I said I would be comfortable with that.

Eastell: Mmm

Blumsohn: ... and for the other poster I am comfortable with the poster but I have still never seen the data... which to give an oral presentation at the ACR meeting I would find a difficult thing to do.

Eastell: The only thing that we have to watch all the time is our relationship with P&G. Because we are ... because we have the big Sheffield Centre Grant [from P&G] which is a good source of income, we have got to really watch it. So.... the reason why I worry is the network within P&G is like lightening. So if Ian is unhappy it goes to Arkadi, it goes from Arkadi to Nora and before we know it, there is an issue, there is a problem... and it has to be addressed and so forth. and so I was getting worried that the whole thing might be activated and that would affect our relationship.